Lune Engineering Ltd

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a service which we offer to clean and prepare metals which may be used as important components or pieces within engineering a design.

Shot blasting is carried out by using one of our specialist machines to blast the metal with a stream of abrasive iron silicate which will create a key for painting or other finishes to the surface of your metal piece or component, leaving it with a smooth finish.

Our shot blasting experts have been professionally trained to carry out all aspects of shot blasting and are fully qualified to use all of our shot blasting machines and take part in all areas of the shot blasting services which we offer.

Uses of shot blasting;

Our shot blasting services can be used for all kinds of uses and the most common reasons we get asked for shot blasting include:

  • Paint removal
  • Rust removal
  • Surface smoothing
  • Pre powder or painting treatment

Almost all metal materials which we use here at Lune engineering are shot blasted before use to ensure that they are clean and fresh with a level surface and are ready to use for engineering, painting or any other aspect of metal work.

What Next?

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